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Please DO NOT submit any fax more than 5 pages in length without first talking with and receiving approval from the management of VentureAdvisers. If you have an Executive Summary feel free to email or fax it, or if you have a brief PowerPoint presentation, email that. We have written and reviewed many business plans and feel strongly that without exception the most effective and fundable ideas and business plans can be summarized in 5 pages or less. So save the details for a business plan or other full-length document such as a Private Placement Offering (PPO) or Memorandum (PPM).

Non-Disclosure Agreements

VentureAdvisers understands and respects the need for discretion in the conduct of business and financial matters and will consider signing reasonable and legitimate (bona fide) Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's); however, VentureAdvisers reviews NDA's on a case by case basis and will refuse to sign any documents that it or its Counsel deems to be deficient, malformed, or misguided; unduly prohibitive, obstructive, or offensive; or prima facie outlandish, egregious or obstreperous.

Confidential Information

The conveyance and/or transmission of Business Plans, Executive Summaries, Financials, Resumes of Company Officers and Founders, and other documents as required for Due Diligence and Screening is a normal, usual, standard and accepted practice in the financial and investment community and these activities are essential to and inherent in the fundraising process. VentureAdvisers does not require, warrant, or guarantee the return of such documents once conveyed or transmitted, as the volume of business and industry protocol makes this impractical. However, upon receipt of written request from Sending Party, VentureAdvisers will certify that all copies of such documents have been destroyed.

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