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From Wasteland to Wealth:
A Historical Timeline of the State of Texas
Permanent University Fund


Texas alone of all the states in the U.S. has a state endowment reserved entirely for higher education. The incredible story of the Permanent University Fund thus provides a case study in higher education finance and governance, public policy, and state politics
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Of Rivers and Universities


Rivers and universities are two important resources with enormous potential value to society. However, both must be harnessed in order for society to receive the maximum possible benefits from each. Additionally, each has a maintenance fee associated with it which requires an adequate level of investment by society. The many parallels or similarities between these two powerful entities provide a number of analogies which are explored in essay form.
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The Psychology of Investing

One of the fundamental but little-understood truths governing nonprofit fund raising is that philanthropists are, ipso facto (by nature), investors in society...
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Fund Raising and the College Presidency in an Era of Uncertainty:
From 1975 to the Present


During the last 20 years the level of intensity, the sense of urgency, and the technical sophistication associated with fund raising dramatically increased on the nation's campuses and among nonprofits in general--in fact, so much so that public colleges and universities began development programs en masse and launched aggressive, bold campaigns to rival their private counterparts. As a result, considerably more critical attention and media coverage was given to the role of college and university presidents in fund raising. However, as a whole, this body of writing has lacked depth and context, and the present article provides a broad framework from which to understand this phenomenon.
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Surveying the Major Gifts Literature:
Observations and Reflections


This essay-review gives only cursory attention to the technical aspects of major gifts (i.e., process and controlling principles), and instead focuses more broadly and strategically on the critical importance of mission, quality, leadership, and prestige; the dichotomy which exists between annual and major gift fund raising; and the need for an empirically-derived and theoretically-driven model of fund raising and philanthropic behavior to inform the major gifts effort.
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Toward a Theory of Fund Raising in Higher Education


Fund raising has played a prominent role in the history of American higher education and long been a central function of the academic presidency. Today fund raising provides support for more areas of higher education than ever before, and academic chief executives are increasingly expected or required to take an active role in procuring and stewarding private gifts for their institutions. Our research is the first study of this phenomenon that is both national in scope and theory-generating. The key variables or prerequisites which determine fund-raising outcomes were identified and theoretical models were formulated which explain, respectively, the fund-raising process and presidential fund raising in higher education.
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The Effects of Institutional Prestige and Presidential Leadership on Academic Fund Raising:
A Qualitative Inquiry


Organizational prestige and chief executive leadership each strongly influence fund-raising outcomes in higher education and other nonprofit enterprises. However, the relationship between these two factors has yet to undergo scientific scrutiny or analysis. Data from a national qualitative study help to describe and explain the nature of this relationship and its interactive effects.
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